AuxDns has servers in Spain & Latin American countries specialized in hosting totally or a part of websites targeted to this Market.
We give also DNS support for many international customers who wants to have fast reply in Spain & Latin America.

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Sites we cooperate in web hosting or DNS services:

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Portuguese sex and sexuality sites:

Saude Sexual - Tudo sobre Saúde Sexual para homens e mulheres. Guia de Sexo e Sexualidade. Posiçoes Sexuais - Guia das Posições Sexuais. Fotografias não ofensivas.
Kamasutra. Posições Sexuais do Kama Sutra - Guia ilustrado do Kamasutra. Fotos e descrições.

English Sex and Sexuality Sites:

All About Sex - Sex guide, news, directory. Sexual performance, education, health, positions, preferences, masturbation , woman sexuality taboos, Kama Sutra, sexual positions.
Male Masturbation - Masturbation tecniques, news, articles, oral sex.

Female Masturbation - Female Masturbation articles and resources.
Kamasutra - Free drawings from the sex positions of Kama Sutra. Sexual Positions. History of Kamasutra.

Sex Positions - Intercourse positions, sexual positions and Kamasutra positions. Free Images.

Sex Guide - Information and discussion about sex ranging all of its diversity. Sex techniques, sex stories.
Gay Sex Positions - Collection of sex positions for lesbians and gay sex.
Adolescent Sexuality - Free sex and sexuality guide for teens and adolescents.
History of Sexuality - Explore sex and sexuality changes through human history..
Masturbation Stories - True life masturbation stories.
Sex Stories - Weekly sex stories, orgies, lesbians, ninphomania, sex positions and free sex pics
Gay Sex - Gay sex guide, gay sex for begginers, gay, lesbians, transgender surgery and homosexuality.
Fetishism and Sadomasochism - All on forbidden sexuality. Voyeurism, BDSM, alternative sex (ALT sex), fetishes and sadomasochism. Articles by sexologists. Sexual deviations.
Universo das Emoçoes
- Modelo Fisico do Universo
Universo de las Emociones - Modelo Fisico del Universo

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